Looking to buy a non-working Icom 706 for parts.  Email me  TU









From the estate of Roger K0MVJ, the following items are for sale.

1.  MFJ Antenna Antenna Analyzer.  With book, no box.  Sale price $195.00.
2.  MFJ 4235MV 35 amp adj. P.S. with Meters,  With book, no box.  Sale price $80.00.
3.  MFJ 868B Giant SWR/Power Meter  With book, no box.  Sale price $75.00.
4.  Ameritron ALS 500W Solid State Amp.  With book, no box.  Sale price $500.00
5.  LDG 1000 Pro automatic Antenna Matcher / Tuner with book, no box.  Sale price $300.00
6.  Diawa NS 660PA SWR/Power meter With book, no box.  Sale price $60.00
7.  ICOM 746(non-pro) Weak display otherwise OK With book and box.  Sale price $200.00
8.  ICOM 7300   With book, Box, Mike, and Power cord.   Current price at HRO $969.00  Sale

     price $850.00
9.  TE Systems 1452G 2 Meter amp 10-25 watts in, 350 watts out. Just upgraded. With

      book,    no box.  Sale price $675.00  
10. Baofeng dual bander.  Sale price $20.00
11. Heathkit 12 volt low current var. P.S. With book.  Sale price $12.00
12. Yaesu FT-2800M 65 watt 2 meter radio no book, With box.  Sale price $75.00
13. Heathkit Cantenna dummy load.  No book or box,  Sale price $25.00
14. METEX Digital VOM with software.  With book and box.  Sale price $25.00
15. BK 2 MHZ Function Generator.  Needs a tuning knob
16. Heathkit design Bread board.  No book or box, Make offer.
17. AADE LCR meter  With book, no box.  Sale price $50.00
18. Shure Station Mike with 8 pin connecter no book, no box, Make offer.

Don't be afraid to make an offer. There is some wiggle room. All proceeds go to Rogers wife.  Please communicate with me via email. Thanks and 73,  W0ELH





I have a like new Icom IC-7600 for sale. Original box, manual, and mic.






KLM KT-34A 10-15-20 HF beam  a real sturdy and

reliable antenna.  $250



two one eight- three nine one- seven seven zero six









FOR SALE extremely nice and hardly used Yaesu FT 1000 MP. I am 2nd owner of this beautiful rig, and they don't get any nicer than this. Full output on all bands, everything works and no wobbly knobs or switches at all. Please contact me for pictures, prices and questions. You will NOT be disappointed with this radio. I also have a brand new Telepost LP 100A digital vector RF wattmeter and MFJ 993B 300W tuner, MD 100 mic and a few other extras to go with it. Located in Spooner WI.






  FOR SALE :  


MFJ-993 B autotuner 300W $100.00
MFJ-986    Tuner 3 Kw $300.00

MFJ-989D Tuner 3 Kw $250.00

LTS-201 D SWR/Power meter 1.8-200 MHz 2Kw  $50.00
Yaesu FT-847 Transceiver $1000.00  matching FC-20 Auto tuner HF-50 MHz $200.00 (separate) Together $1100.00
Gary NU0W 218-391-8055 or





For Sale:

(Apparently I have to clean out my shack before I can bring in anything else new!)

I have two Icom ID-51A PLUS, DUALBAND HTís. Rigs retail for $370 each, (AES, just to list a source)), however,Ö

- Purchased new July 2015, first owner

- Approximately two hours of OTA time, each, then re-boxed.

- Kept warm/dry/climate controlled environment

- Consistent 4 and 5 Star consumer reviews

- Included with Rig:

- Stock Carry-Strap/Belt Clip, Battery, Rubber Duck Antenna, Wall-Wart Charger, Cloning (NOT programming) software

One of the rigs was purchased with a (new), matching Icom HM-186LS Speaker Mic that I will toss in free to whomever buys the first rig (retail $60). There is only one (1) Instruction Book (due to a naughty puppy-in-training) and Iím not going to sell a chewed-upon booklet. They are downloadable free from multiple sources online.

Looking to get $370 for the rig w/ the mic

And $350 for the rig w/o the mic and manual. Not much wiggle room for either radio.

I also have a Kenwood TH-D72A( w/ GPS) DUALBAND HT

- Purchased new March 2016, first owner

- Approximately 65 hours OTA time

- Kept warm/dry/climate controlled environment

- Included with Rig:

- Stock Battery, Rubber Duck Antenna, Carry Strap/Belt Clip, Wall Wart Charger

- Spare Battery Pack

- BT-15 Optional (6) AAA pack

- Kenwood KHS-22 Behind-the-Head Earphone & Lo-Profile Boom Mic

- Instruction Book

- RT Systems KRS-D72-U Programming Cable and Software

- This rig is packed with all sorts of handy (and just plain cool!) features which are listed on the Kenwood website and brochure. A great little rig that has everything youíll need. Young ham or old, itíll be the last HT youíll ever need. Together, this entire package will run $605 (again, using AES just as a source), but will sell it for $525/firm.

And finally, I have a YAESU-FT-60R DUALBAND HT.

- Purchased new January 2016, first owner

- Used as a backup rig primarily for monitoring

- Approximately 40-45 hours of use

- Kept warm/dry/climate controlled environment

- Still a top rated dual bander on Eham

-(Included) Rig

- Stock Battery, Rubber Duck Antenna, Carry Strap/Belt Clip, Wall Wart Charger

- Instruction Book

5 watts out, WIRES-ready, Emergency Beacon & Auto ID, Auto-Range Transponder, and many more features (listed on Yaesu website or online brochure). I also have the PC programming software and cable Iíll throw in (retail $35-$45 depending on source).The FT-60Rís are still in demand and go for around $140-$160. Asking $130 w/o a lot of wiggle room due to the programming stuff included.



Coleraine, MN




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