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UPDATED 01-25-2011



Dr. ARAC was created to allow members and others to post questions to our web page to stir up interest in ham radio related topics.  Just send and email to and we will post your question here on this page and hopefully an elmer will read the question and supply an answer.  We welcome Dr. ARAC and encourage you to use him.  Address your answers to



I have a 13 foot long vertical antenna that I center load with a coil for 20 meters.  It has worked well for me on 20 meters and now I would like to modify it to enable me to use it on 17 to 6 meters.  Without shortening the antenna I think that a matching network installed at the base would allow it to perform well on the higher bands.  Help me design and build this network. What kind of coil do I need and what size variable capacitor?  How do I put them together and how do I connect it up?  Will I still need an antenna tuner to make it work?   Thank you,   Steve, KD0ETC



After looking up some info and getting lost in my own antenna book my suggestion is to buy a multi frequency vertical looking at the AES Catalog I think it might be cheaper......Also thee will be antennas for sail at the HAM FEST in May at the Lakehead Fair Grounds.......KCWUP