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Are you interested in Dstar and it's possibilities?  You can get a hold of Rick (NBJN) at  He is the go to guy for getting setup on the Dstar network.   Send him an email and off  you will go.


The A.R.A.C. handbook has been added to the web page. Go to the Forms and Preambles menu for your copy.  The copy of the handbook with new by-laws will be added as soon as it is available.


We are starting a new idea here on our website.  Go to the current information page, in the drop down menu, for more information on our newest idea Dr. ARAC.


HAM BREAKFAST is on Saturday July 28, 218 at 7:30-8:  A.M. at Chalet Restaurant.   The Chalet is on Highway 53 just past the Menard's store.  See you there. 


The July 218 newsletter is now on the web site.  Same place as always.     Thank you Diane for your hard work.


Note that the August 7,  218 board meeting will be at Sammy's Pizza in West Duluth.  Eats 6: pm meeting at 6:3-7: pm.


Our July 12, 218 meeting will be held at the Copper Top Church.  We will start the meeting early at 7: pm.   Program is Astro-Bob on Meteorites.   You will not want to miss this one.


If a new testing opportunity is scheduled, you can go to the drop down menu and look under testing for what is happening.  Go to testing for more info.


The Dakota Division of the ARRL American Radio Relay League has it's own webpage.  The information on all of the 3 Dakota Division Sections.  Check it out.


Check out the new Contest information in the drop down menu or just click on this link.


Interested in DX countries on the HF frequencies?  Then go to this week  for the latest DX information.


Watch for additions to the club history.  Kim KENQS has taken the club historian position and will be updating and compiling information.  Thank you Kim for volunteering.  Anyone with info contact Kim.


In February of 2015 the FCC went paperless to cut costs and trim overhead.  This means that licenses will "NOT" be sent by mail anymore for new licensees or renewals.  The ARRL has set up a nice URL with a great explanation of how to get a copy of your license.  Go to

for information on how to get a paper copy of your license.


ARRL Awards QSL Card Checking at Hamfest


The ARRL field checking program provides League members the opportunity to have QSL cards for all ARRL awards checked locally without having to mail their cards to League headquarters in Newington.  Mike Cizek, WVTT, of St Charles MN is a DXCC Card Checker and is eligible to check cards for all ARRL awards; DXCC, VUCC, WAC and WAS.  Mike will be at the Arrowhead RAC Hamfest in Superior WI on 5 May at the ARRL table. Mike also makes regular trips to visit family in Duluth and can be available to check cards on these trips.  Please contact him for more information.


Complete information on the ARRL awards and Card Checking programs are on the League web site:



For further information on any ARRL awards and the application process, please contact Mike at  His complete contact info can be found on the ARRL web site here:  




W1AW 2017/2018 Winter Operating Schedule

Morning Schedule:

Time                  Mode     Days
-------------------   ----     ---------
1400 UTC (9 AM EST)   CWs      Wed, Fri
1400 UTC (9 AM EST)   CWf      Tue, Thu

Daily Visitor Operating Hours:

1500 UTC to 1700 UTC - (10 AM to 12 PM EST)
1800 UTC to 2045 UTC - (1 PM to 3:45 PM EST)

(Station closed 1700 to 1800 UTC (12 PM to 1 PM EST))

Afternoon/Evening Schedule:

2100 UTC (4 PM EST)    CWf      Mon, Wed, Fri
2100  "      "         CWs      Tue, Thu
2200  "  (5 PM EST)    CWb      Daily
2300  "  (6 PM EST)    DIGITAL  Daily
0000  "  (7 PM EST)    CWs      Mon, Wed, Fri
0000  "      "         CWf      Tue, Thu
0100  "  (8 PM EST)    CWb      Daily
0200  "  (9 PM EST)    DIGITAL  Daily
0245  "  (9:45 PM EST) VOICE    Daily
0300  "  (10 PM EST)   CWf      Mon, Wed, Fri
0300  "      "         CWs      Tue, Thu
0400  "  (11 PM EST)   CWb      Daily
                         Frequencies (MHz)
CW:    1.8025 3.5815 7.0475 14.0475 18.0975 21.0675  28.0675 147.555
DIGITAL:  -   3.5975 7.095  14.095  18.1025 21.095   28.095  147.555
VOICE:  1.855 3.990  7.290  14.290  18.160  21.390   28.590  147.555

CWs = Morse Code practice (slow) = 5, 7.5, 10, 13 and 15 WPM
CWf = Morse Code practice (fast) = 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 13 and 10 WPM 
CWb = Morse Code Bulletins = 18 WPM


Arial Lift Bridge at the tip of Lake Superior


Do you want to listen to the Skywarn activations in our local area that provide

NWS Duluth with severe weather information.  Just click on one of the links below to listen. 

Thanks to Travus KB9JZF at discoverpc.NET for setting this up.

Listen to the 94 repeater-Download and Open


Sign my Guestbook!

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Events:     218  (tentative)


Winter Field Day                                 Jan 27-28               Done                       

Cabin Fever Hamfest                          Jan 27                    Done

Minnesota QSO Party                         Feb 03                    Done

Ice Station ZZL                                   Feb 11                    Done                

Birkebeiner                                          Feb 23-25               Done        

Wisconsin QSO Party                          Mar 11                   Done 

Skywarn Training (Douglas Cnty)       Apr  09                   Done                     

Skywarn Training (Duluth)                  Apr 12                   Done

ARAC Ham Fest                                  May 05                  Done   

Under One Roof                                  May 15-16              Done

Skywarn Training (House of Refuge)   May 22                   Done 

Grandmas Marathon                          June 16                  Done   

Field Day                                             June 23-24             Done     

Eugene Curnow Voyager Race         July 14               

Water Safety Expo                               July 19                 

Voyager Trail Ultra                              July 28                 

ARAC Picnic                                       Aug. 05                 

Superior Man Triathlon                       Aug. 26                 

Minnesota Mile                                    Sept 06                 

Superior Fall Trail                                Sept 07-08           

NS Inline Marathon                             Sept 15                 

Wild Duluth Race                                 Oct  20                  

SRD                                                     Dec. 01



The former Duluth Children's Museum Radio Active Club is becoming the new HARBOR CITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL RADIO CLUB!


             Watch for changes to the DCM radio club. 

                 No current meetings scheduled.





New repeater on the air.

Carlton County ARES/RACES has installed a new repeater at the Cloquet hospital.  Frequency is 443.100 plus offset tone is 103.5 and the callsign is KBYHX.  It is an open repeater and also a Yaesu fusion digital repeater.


Club officers for 218 are:


    President:          Gene Ellesen        NVRM

    Vice President: Mike Lovold         NPDG

    Secretary:          Robin Davis         NCALL

    Treasurer:         Bruce Carlson      KENIT

    1st  year board:  Dave Davis           AAAC

    2nd    year board: Gary Minter         KD9ABS

    3rd    year board:  WulfGar                             WU1FGR


Field Day 217 Pics are here for viewing.

< fieldday2017.htm >



CW frequencies include code practices, Qualifying Runs and CW

DIGITAL = BAUDOT (45.45 baud), BPSK31 and MFSK16 in a revolving
daily schedule.

Code practice texts are from QST, and the source of each practice is
given at the beginning of each practice and at the beginning of
alternate speeds.

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 2330 UTC (6:30 PM EST), Keplerian
Elements for active amateur satellites are sent on the regular
digital frequencies.

A DX bulletin replaces or is added to the regular bulletins between
0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Thursdays and 0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Fridays.

Audio from W1AW's CW code practices, CW/digital bulletins and phone
bulletin is available using EchoLink via the W1AW Conference Server
named "W1AWBDCT."  The monthly W1AW Qualifying Runs are presented
here as well.  The audio is sent in real-time and runs concurrently
with W1AW's regular transmission schedule.

All users who connect to the conference server are muted.  Please
note that any questions or comments about this server should not be
sent via the "Text" window in EchoLink. Please direct any questions
or comments to

In a communications emergency, monitor W1AW for special bulletins as
follows: Voice on the hour, Digital at 15 minutes past the hour, and
CW on the half hour.
All licensed amateurs may operate the station from 1500 UTC to 1700
UTC (10 AM to 12 PM EST), and then from 1800 UTC to 2045 UTC (1 PM
to 3:45 PM EST) Monday through Friday.  Be sure to bring your
current FCC amateur radio license or a photocopy.

The W1AW Operating Schedule may also be found on page 95 in the
November 2017 issue of QST or on the web at, .